and i was a child and she was a child….

The castle by the sea, sounding like an E.A. Poe poem, is a gothicish architectural monstrosity (transported from Europe, stone by stone)overhanging ocean crashing boulder, constructed by the heir of the arm n’ hammer fortune.  When I lived in the area,  from time to time, I filled in as postmaster in the quaint post office of Magnolia, Mass, the castle’s town/village.

Through a reliable source, who shall remain unnamed, I learned that Mr. Hammond had a predilection for midnight soirees , with naked young men, (one of these Charles Olson, Gloucester Poet of projection described somewhere) diving into the pool, his immense organ (the musical kind) jamming.  He also possessed a keen interest in astrology. 

For a more exacting and standard appraisal:

Mister Hammond’s Immense Organ


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