Dear Soror and Frater,

This is mostly about my varied interests and experiences: i am married w/4 chirrens: i moved to omaha from new orleans, i have a cyclic bipolar diagnosis and ADD


I have at various times been a guitar player in a wierd garage band (we played punk and finnegans wake to fender reverb), an artist/cartoonist, a ‘zine editor, a truck driver (running from detroit to the mexican border), a drug dealer, a detox counselor, a planetarium director, a teacher naturalist, a puppeteer, an assembly line worker for motorola, an assembly line worker for a slaughter house,  a a records clerk for the neworleans d.a.’s office, a postmaster, a shipper for an art gallery in the french quarter, a rare book schlepper,  a published poet and fiction writer, i partnered with library to perform educational programs with songs, large balls,  and balloons, guitar playing and frenetic gesiticulations for inner city youths – one of the great moments of my life, was when 60 tough kids laughed at my joke – i’ve seen a man raped in a holding tank owned by the police – i’ve talked down schizophrenic addicts wielding knives and screaming to murder, counseled suicidal lawyers locked up – i’ve seen women desert their children, hand them over to strangers, so they could go party with some meth..i now work adminstrative asst. and dispatch, surveillance, for an “esteemed” university.

i’ve spent time at a theravada buddhist monastery and almost married a buddhist nun, i’ve spent time at a trappist monastery, i studied vedanta for 3 years, i’ve been through jungian therapy, i’ve studied magick and read too many books

i was once affiliated with an organization that was at the top of the f.b.i.’s agent provacateur targets (i heard this on npr at the time) the thomas merton center in pittsburgh

my grandmother on my mother’s side was german and she killed herself by gas from the oven in their apartment not long after world war 2

my grandmother on my father’s side told me when i was in my 20’s that she murdered my grandfather because of his whoring around

i’ve seen how much a wife and a good marriage can do and 2 parents can do – my wife and i have been foster parents to 2 “parentified” children

it’s been quite a ride – i’ve also wept when my kids were born….how lucky it is to be loved


Head of a Badly Injured Spectator

“Interests? What are interests? I’m a parent. Mostly I’m interested in surviving the day.”


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